Violet Violet Home Textiles, Sleep Aesthetics Advocate

2016-07-16 12:01:00

The power of one person is weak. He cannot save a large living environment.

The power of a company is also limited. He cannot save the entire planet's environment.

However, the choice of one person and the mission of a company can give humanity a small pure space. Drink clean water, eat hygienic food, and sleep peacefully.

Surveys show that people in modern society spend an average of more than 80% of their time indoors. However, harmful substances such as formaldehyde released from interior decoration materials threaten people's health. In addition, in the case of poor indoor ventilation and moist heat, the spread of some pathogenic microbes has also made people unprepared! Obviously, under the current conditions of modern human health, such as formaldehyde and flu, which are seriously endangering, the purification of indoor air and the improvement of the living environment have become urgently needed. The maintenance and purification of the sleeping environment are related to the health of people and the development of society as a whole. progress.

The sleeping environment mainly includes a large sleeping environment and a sleeping microenvironment. The sleeping microenvironment is an important component of the sleeping environment. It refers to the "climate" formed by the human body and bedding during sleep. The main factors affecting the sleeping microenvironment include bedding, cores, mattresses, and bed covers. Appropriate bedding can help people get rid of many physical fatigue during the day, make people net sleep, effectively improve sleep and improve sleep quality.


First of all, we have intimate contact with bedding every day, but do you know that a pillow may contain 1 million fungi, and the fungus in the pillow will invade the lungs and sinuses of the person, if the respiratory, digestive or head skin is infected Patients will also stain bacteria and viruses in the pillow core. When other people use this viral pillow, they are infected and cause respiratory diseases such as coughing. The quilt is the best breeding ground for bacteria, not frequent care and drying quilts, let you sleep with locusts every night! Because the quilt will retain some of the body's dander, sweat, etc., even if it is a particularly clean quilt, for 3 months without drying, it will breed millions of mites.

In addition, since various wood-based panels and wooden furniture contain formaldehyde and other chemicals, it has been a long time since the pillow quilts on the inside will absorb a large amount of free formaldehyde. Therefore, taking the quilt pillows under the sun, drying them in the sun, or sending them to a professional washing place can not only kill the harmful microbes in the quilt, but also make the cotton fibers stretch and fluffy. The "smell of the sun" soft and clean quilt is asleep.

From this we can see that our sleeping environment is faced with a wide range of threats, both large and small, and how necessary people are for craving for a pure sleeping space! However, creating a pure and healthy sleep environment requires us to spend a lot of time and energy on cleaning and maintenance, and pay attention to personal and room hygiene. Under the high-strength working pressure and high-speed operating social environment,

  We are even more eager for a product that can quickly realize a pure sleep environment. Then she is the home textile product developed by Violet Home Textiles for nearly five years.


Violet is characterized by the fact that bed linen is prone to bacterial growth. Many universities and research institutes within the United Nations have developed long-lasting bacteria-producing technology-probiotic bio-antibacterial technology. Beds treated with probiotic and antibacterial technology have high levels of bacteria-preventing bacteria. The effect, and still can achieve a high standard of clean bacteria effect after washing multiple times. This created a precedent for the bedding industry to reach a new era of Bacteria. At the same time, it also brought a gospel to the healthy sleeping environment of human beings.

In addition, Violet Home Textiles uses negative oxygen ion adsorption technology in its products, allowing the violet bed material to contain negative oxygen ions in the home textile element exceeding a certain index, so that sleep seems to be in the fresh rural fields, vast expanses of sandy beaches, oceans, and deep blue skies. . Negative oxygen ions have various functions such as antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorizing, odor-eliminating, and anti-electromagnetic radiation, not only purifying the sleeping environment, but also effectively promoting the deep pure sleep of human beings.


 Violet Home Textiles advocates eating healthy and organic foods, doing aerobic breathing exercises, listening to purifying the music of the soul, paying attention to the clean and restful sleep environment, and concerning the sleep and health of family and friends. Let life become an environmental protection concept, a cultural connotation, it is a product of the times.

Money can be stored, and time cannot be stored. How you spend time determines the quality of your life. Pureness means that everything is possible. Beautiful things make your life better. Simple things make your life more pure. The clean things make your life more secure.