Two new types of products, such as Violet Probiotic Antibacterial & Anti-fungal Home Textile Products, have been identified as high-tech products

2017-05-22 14:30:00

Violet Home Textiles is committed to the research and development, production and sales of new textile materials, new fabrics and technology health products. In recent years, it has achieved fruitful results. In recent days, the company has two new products - "Probiotics antibacterial and anti-mite home textile products" and "Heteromorphic, comfortable, warm and healthy doubles" was recognized as a provincial high-tech product by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

"Probiotics antibacterial and anti-mite home textile products" for the first time using probiotics for home textile products to achieve anti-bacterial anti-mite. Probiotics are recognized as beneficial bacteria to the human body and can regulate the balance of the flora around the skin, making the skin in a relatively healthy state, and can achieve long-term antibacterial and anti-mite effects through technical means. Violet Hometextile R&D personnel innovatively encapsulated the beneficial probiotics in microcapsules to make them microencapsulated, and then relying on self-designed feeding equipment to enter the fiber interior under negative pressure, while using microcapsules. Sustained release performance, through the external friction, rubbing, microcapsule walls are damaged and probiotics are gradually released. The probiotic antibacterial and anti-mite home textile products made of high-tech products not only have good antibacterial, anti-cariogenicity and storage stability, but also better solve the deficiency of probiotics and improve their anti-oxidation performance. Makes probiotics more durable for antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

"Specially shaped comfort warmth and health double comforter" provides the quilt comfort, warmth, antibacterial, health care and other effects through the design of the quilt structure and filler. Thanks to the three-dimensional combination structure, functional customization can be made according to individual preferences, such as deodorization, far-infrared heating, antibacterial, anti-spasm and other health functions, so that the product has a composite function, free combination of functions, flexibility, and breakthrough Common quilt functional single problem.

Violet Home Textiles fully combined the above two technologies and developed a series of functional home textile products of the "Probiotics" series, which have been put into the market. "Probiotics One" is the representative product of the series. The quilt uses negative pressure flash explosion technology, microcapsule planting technology, probiotic dormancy and reproduction technology, and implants probiotics into the quilt, giving the product excellent long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mite performance. At the same time, the quilt adopts double-sided three-dimensional design, twisting flower process, suitable for different seasons. The winter bread has a close-fitting shape and a small squared lining design makes the cold air not easy to get into, the hot air is not easy to disperse, and the perfect 360-degree personal warmth; the spring and autumn flat surface close, excellent moisture absorption and heat dissipation make it in use There will be no sweltering or discomfort.

Violet Home Textiles will stick to the development path of “market-oriented, continuous technological innovation”, vigorously implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation, research and develop more home textile products that contribute to human sleep health, provide people with a safe, comfortable and non- Contaminated sleeping environment.