Violet home textiles, the US branch, not all home textiles can go on the front line of fashion.

Violet home textiles, founded in 1995, is located in Nantong, known as the "textile town" and "longevity village". Focus on "let each family have violet products, enjoy healthy and comfortable sleep", inherit national textile culture, take science and technology as the painting pen, Venus's love and beauty as the soul, the romantic love of Italy and the unique embroidery of the Chinese nation on the bed in the home, and truly realize love, beauty, and beauty. The perfect combination of the family has contributed to the revitalization of China's national industry.

In August 2014, violet home textile company entered the US market and opened the violet home textile branch in the famous home textile building.
The main business scope of violet home textiles in the United States is based on research and development, sales and market research. In the early years, the sales mode of Viola home textiles was purchased by foreign companies through domestic buyers. Now violet home textiles is set up in the United States, which is conducive to our better integration with the international market and timely and effective absorption of international fashion elements.

At the same time, the establishment of the violet American branch can make the violet home textile closer to the European and American market, provide huge storage and perfect after-sales service. The first time to bring the advanced foreign design and research and development concept back to the domestic market for the first time, and provide the most timely design and research and development for domestic textile products in China. Effective information.

reviewed the development of violet home textiles in the past 20 years, and violet has become the ten most popular brand of Chinese home textiles in the country. In the past 20 years, violet home textiles has been adhering to the principle of "people-oriented", protecting the interests of consumers, focusing on quality building and brand building. Care for human sleep and health, Nantong University, Soochow University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and a number of scientific research institutions.

Up to now, the violet home textile specialty stores have covered more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in the country, using the stereoscopic interactive channel model, which is convenient to meet the consumers. In the future, the violet home textile will make full use of the smart home health sleep system, customize it, integrate fashion trend with technological innovation, work hard for the cause of human sleep, and dedicate its own strength to the development of the global home textile industry.