The value of the violet business school depends on how many excellent and creative talents can be created for the future of violet, a good team of first-class teachers, and the integration of all aspects of talent resources to bring new value to the violets.

organization structure: has the main modules of learning content, students, teachers, teaching methods, teaching mechanism, management department and so on. Meanwhile.

design concept: violet business school is designed and operated at the core of enterprise strategy, enterprise culture and professional skills, and helps to instil enterprise culture and strategic ideas at the same time of improving skills.

training and management model: violet business school to implement the internal main, external supplement construction ideas, the use of modern education model and means, to teach the training mode based mixed mode of training.

operation: the core of violet business school is the two key factors of knowledge and talent. Through the design of scientific teaching mechanism.

Leadership learning

Responsible for promoting the talent echelon construction of violet enterprises, including talent reserve, evaluation, development and training. Participants include college students' reserves, new partners, supervisors, reserve managers, managers, reserve directors, high potential talents, directors and executives who have just left school.
> is also responsible for the knowledge management of the violet business school, the management of the lecturer, the management of the system and the management of the staff's external training. It is the knowledge base, the resource base of the business school, and the platform for communication with the external consulting company and the training company.

Marketing learning

The marketing learning center is committed to providing professional marketing training and talent development services for all brand marketing partners and partners of the violet enterprises, including supervisors, investment managers, group buying and market operators, franchisees, shop directors and shop assistants.

At present, the regular projects of the marketing learning center include "new supervision training camp", "new business manager training camp" and so on, and the marketing Learning Center provides the quantity according to the business needs.

All the partners of the marketing and learning center will be able to integrate the advantages of resources, train talents quickly and promote the strategic implementation, cooperate with the marketing partners, do a good job of training and talent development, and realize a hundred billion dreams together!

R & D learning

R & D center is committed to R & D Center partners and graphic packaging, space, display and other designers of talent training and development.

At present, R & D center includes designer reserve training camp, R & D designer training camp, R & D designer professional training camp, plane packaging designer professional training camp, space designer professional training camp, display designer professional training camp, designer management training camp and so on.

Supply chain learning

The supply chain learning center is committed to the training and development of partners in production, procurement and logistics. At present, there are production supervisor line training camp, purchasing elite training camp, logistics elite class, new partner entry class and other routine training projects.

Partners of R & D Learning Center will aim at providing professional learning and development platform for designers, and work together with partners to carve out the way for designers to grow.

Learning Center

Here, you don't need to travel by air to attend a 1+N day training course! Here, you get more than just a successful inspirational book, the leader's two or three points for you!

E-Learning is a new training form, which is based on the hardware platform, and is supported by multimedia technology and online community to transfer professional knowledge and technical experience through the network to the company's partner.