Dialogue between Secretary of Nantong municipal Party committee and chairman of violet home textile
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On July 3, 2020 China Nantong international high-end textile industry Expo opened a new cloud model. Xu Huimin, Secretary of Nantong municipal Party committee, and Chen Yongbing, chairman of violet home textile, connected on site to have a dialogue.

Live connection and live broadcast

      At present, the live broadcast of online talent with goods has become a new fashion for selling goods. The Nantong government also invites online talent to build momentum for Nantong's high-end textile industry and major home textile brands. At the event site, Xu Huimin, Secretary of Nantong municipal Party committee, connected Chen Yongbing, chairman of violet home textile to understand the new channel of enterprise webcast.

Secretary Xu praised and encouraged violet home textile in the connection, praised violet's live broadcasting and goods, and set an example for the home textile enterprises in the city. He pointed out that the development of the Internet and online sales are new opportunities for the textile industry. Every enterprise should seize new opportunities, expand channels and enlarge its own advantages. Nantong government will also strengthen leadership, increase investment, strengthen coordination, restructure Nantong home textile industry, build a tenable Nantong home textile industry belt in the world from policy planning to market construction, and hope violet home textile will play a leading role in the world.

Chairman Chen Yongbing said that although offline physical sales have declined due to the impact of the epidemic, he is grateful for the platform built by the government to enable home textile brands, including violet home textile, to carry out new channels and integrate into the new era while doing a good job in physical stores. Violet home textile will seize the opportunity to deliver high-end products to thousands of households, improve people's quality of life and make the enterprise radiate new vitality.

     It's very popular for stars to bring goods

     Prior to July 1st, violet home textiles has been caught in a live cloud express. Liu Tao, a famous actress, carried goods with Taobao Juhuasuan official live broadcast. Sales of explosive hyaluronic acid silk gel pillow increased sharply and was sold out.

In just a few minutes, the sales of single product hyaluronic acid silk gel pillow broke through 5000 minutes in just 3 minutes. After the end of the live broadcast, the sales volume continued to increase, and sales volume was higher.

△Violet studio

     When the east wind blows and the ground rises, it is when the sails are full. Taking advantage of the east wind of China Nantong high-end Textile Expo, violet home textile will continue to carry forward its scientific research advantages, constantly expand new marketing forms, and build functional home textile products at the core, so as to make vitality home textile a national product loved by everyone and used by everyone.