Violet home textile products cover 11 Product Series in the home textile industry, including kits, gift boxes, small pieces (four piece sets / six piece sets), single pieces, pillow cores, mattress blankets, cushion accessories, summer supplies, kitchen and sanitary products, children's supplies, as well as cloth homes, smart homes, functional mattresses, smart mattresses, health mattresses, massage and health mattresses Physiotherapy health care series and other products. Use scientific, technological and fashionable works to show the high-quality life attitude of truth, goodness and beauty, and create a healthy and vibrant sleep system level environment.

Since 2010, facing the increasingly serious problems of environmental pollution, social pressure and sleep health, violet began to invest huge funds in the design and R & D of vital home textiles. Violet home textile takes care of human healthy sleep as its own responsibility. It has conducted in-depth research with Nantong University, Suzhou University, Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine and a number of scientific research institutions, hospitals and sleep institutions. It has successfully developed probiotic biological antibacterial technology, bacteria cleaning and mite prevention technology, sleep health preservation technology, essential oil spa technology and negative oxygen ion technology over three years at a cost of more than 30 million, It has been successfully applied to bedding. Relevant processes and equipment have applied for national patents. Vitality home textile came into being, which created a new standard of healthy and clean sleep and brought health gospel to human sleep all over the world.

In addition, the violet home textiles, through in-depth study of key technologies in the field of sleep and textiles, absorbs the concept and essence of traditional sleep regimen, and applies the latest scientific and technological achievements of modern sleep medicine, with a unique negative pressure flash blasting microcapsule technology, to make the traditional home textile products healthier sleep function, so that people can enjoy healthy sleep and enjoy a healthy life. Since its establishment, violet home textile has always shouldered the social responsibility of improving human health and sleep, and escorted the health and safety of home textile products. Caring for life, paying attention to healthy sleep environment and creating intelligent and healthy sleep system are violet's invariable purpose.

Focus on healthy home textiles and build a century old brand
Brand Vision

The fashion world is often a place for miracles. In the mysterious oriental country, the birthplace of human silk civilization, a Chinese home health brand adhering to the craftsman spirit, is developing bedding suitable for human comfortable and healthy sleep with more innovative original art design and adhering to natural and healthy elements. Her works have deeply explained that the fashion of immortal legend can also become a fashionable and healthy bedding of modern vitality technology. She is violet home textile.

In addition to meeting fashion and exquisite workmanship, violet home textile vitality products also condense 12 unique processes. In the purification workshop, negative pressure flash explosion and microcapsule planting technology are adopted, and a variety of mysterious elements are added: such as coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, sea dew, chitosan and plant essential oil lavender, so that you can enjoy purity, elegance and health in a long and short sleep Elegant and healthy.  

Inheriting the romantic style of Italian style, Seiko works in the design of flower type, material selection of fabrics, deployment of printing and dyeing, and exquisite embroidery technology. Violet's products present the silhouette of fashion sleep aesthetics with the attitude of artistic creation. Violet home textile brand not only keeps bedding at the forefront of fashion, but also returns to the most primitive nature. It's like looking for a piece of land under the dome. It's warm and pure. You can hear the whisper of the wind blowing through your ears, smell the fragrance of flowers flowing in the air, migrate from the city with people's thoughts, get together, and immerse yourself in the woods, streams and flowers.

Everything starts from nature, meets fashion, takes health and goes further.

Brand Concept
Fashion health doctrine

From the east to the world, a legend about home textiles has blossomed brilliantly

Brand style

Violet is native to the mountains in southern Italy. Most of the seaside are cliffs or jagged mountains or cliffs. It is incredible that the villagers here build white houses between rugged mountain roads. Perhaps it is because the villagers here know how to enjoy life. Living in such a house, there is always a window facing the blue sea. The changing sea view is the most beautiful picture on the wall of the home. Looking from the sea, these white huts look like birds perching only among the rocks. Behind the house are local lemons, olive trees, grapes and violets full of mountains. Red, yellow, purple, colorful. It brings transcendent artistic inspiration to designers. They integrate the harmony between nature and people into the fashionable life, and the enduring Italian fashion has been handed down to the world since then. In the oriental country with a long history and culture, the exquisite embroidery technology inherited from generation to generation has been recognized and sought after by the world. Violet combines the unique exotic amorous feelings with the water rhyme of the south of the Yangtze River in the East, showing elegance in delicacy, luxury in low-key and full of amorous feelings in elegance.

This is violet, which blooms along the Mediterranean coast and is transplanted to the water town in the south of the Yangtze River. With her unique charm, she stands on the top of mountains and the land of floating water town. It tells the life scene of the Mediterranean blue sea and blue sky, clear water and sand shadow, and the leisurely, quiet and peaceful water rhyme in the south of the Yangtze River. It fully shows the unique brand style of Violet.

Once, that drop of Venus tears turned into violets all over Olympus, and felt the world. Love and beauty have an eternal paradise from now on. Today, violets extend elegance in the romance of love and define luxury in picky delicacy. From Italy to China, from the east to the world, a legend about home textiles has bloomed brilliantly.