Provincial Engineering Laboratory
The company has six provincial R & D platforms, including "enterprise academician workstation", "provincial engineering technology research center", "provincial enterprise technology center" and "enterprise graduate workstation", national intellectual property demonstration enterprise and Jiangsu quality award enterprise (2018).
Violet provincial full performance testing and R & D laboratory has established technical and R & D cooperation with Suzhou University, Donghua University, Nantong University and other universities. The company's chief engineer (visiting professor of Suzhou University) leads three biological testing engineers to overcome various technical problems and develop new products. The laboratory has invested more than 3.5 million yuan in total. At present, it has 8 categories and 39 core R & D and testing instruments for masks and protective clothing: particle filtration efficiency tester, bacterial filtration efficiency tester, blood penetration tester, floating bacteria sampler, dust particle counter, mask ventilation resistance and pressure difference tester, tension tester, fabric moisture permeability tester, etc.
Professional team

1 professor level chief engineer

3 biological monitoring engineers

Test items

With an investment of 3.5 million yuan, it has 39 masks and protective clothing in 8 categories and core R & D and testing instruments

R & D equipment

Mask particle filtration efficiency and air flow resistance tester bacterial filtration efficiency tester

University Cooperation

Suzhou University, Donghua University, Nantong University and other universities have established technology and R & D cooperation