Recruitment position
Employment concept
Business School
Design concept

Violet Business School is designed and operated with corporate strategy, corporate culture and professional skills as its core, which helps to instill corporate culture and strategic thinking while improving skills, and forms corporate synergy and employee cohesion and combat effectiveness.

Business School
The value of Violet business school depends on how many excellent and creative talents it can create for Violet's future, build a first-class faculty, integrate all aspects of human resources, and bring new value to violet enterprises.
Organization structure

It has main modules such as learning content, students, teachers, teaching methods, teaching mechanism and management department. At the same time, Violet business school also has a unique personalized organization form according to the actual situation of the enterprise.

Operation core

The operational core of Violet business school is knowledge and talents. Through the design of scientific teaching mechanism, it creates an enterprise knowledge resource system and builds a knowledge management system; And build the enterprise's own talent production line through the business school to create a qualified enterprise talent team.

Training and management mode

Violet Business School implements the construction idea of internal focus and external supplement, adopts modern education mode and means, and takes face-to-face training as the main mode of mixed training. The business School will implement strict "1+1 comprehensive management and control system" to comprehensively promote the professional and systematic construction of the business school and maximize the effect.

Learning projects
Leadership learning

Responsible for promoting the construction of Violet enterprise talent echelon, including talent reserve, evaluation, development, training, etc.. The trainees include fresh out of college graduates reserve, new partners, supervisors, reserve managers, managers, reserve directors, high potential talents, directors and executives.

It is also responsible for the knowledge management, lecturer management, system management and external training management of employees of Violet business school. It is not only the knowledge base and resource base of business school, but also a platform for communication with external consulting companies and training companies.

Marketing learning

The marketing learning center is committed to providing professional marketing training and talent development services for all brand marketing partners and franchise partners of Violet enterprises, including supervisors, investment promotion directors, group purchase and market operators, franchise managers, store managers and clerks. Since its establishment, the number of trainees has exceeded 10000 person times. Through in-depth research on training needs, it aims to develop all kinds of high-quality courses, quickly promote 'them to terminals through standardized replication mode, help marketing partners quickly master practical and effective sharp knife skills, and build a talent team with core competitiveness.

At present, the regular projects of the marketing learning center include "training camp for new supervisors", "Training camp for new investment managers", "Training camp for new franchisees & New store managers", "Training camp for group buying elites", "training for new products", "training for E-route and POS system", etc. At the same time, according to business needs, the marketing learning center provides customized training services, such as "Improving Control Efficiency from Commodity Source", "Elite Training Camp for Supervision", "Rapid Growth of New Brands and New Businesses", "How to Do E-commerce for Traditional Enterprises" and other training programs.

All partners of marketing Learning Center will integrate superior resources, rapidly train talents and promote the implementation of strategy as their own responsibility, and cooperate with marketing system partners to do a good job in training and talent development, and jointly realize the dream of 10 billion!

Supply chain learning

The supply chain learning center is committed to the training and development of partners in production, procurement and logistics. At present, there are regular training programs such as production supervisor line leader training camp, procurement elite training camp, logistics elite classroom, new partner induction classroom and so on. At the same time, it is also responsible for the training of supply chain reserves and the organization and management of training of other departments of the company.

The partners of R & D Learning Center will aim to provide professional learning and development platform for designers and work with partners to carve the growth path of designers.

R & D learning

R & D learning center is committed to the talent training and development of R & D Center partners and graphic packaging, space, display and other designer partners.

At present, the R & D learning center includes learning modules such as designer reserve training camp, R & D new designer training camp, R & D designer professional training camp, graphic packaging designer professional training camp, space designer professional training camp, display designer professional training camp, designer management training camp, etc. According to the successful model standards of knowledge, experience and ability of partners at all posts and levels, the R & D Learning Center derives the corresponding training development system and curriculum system, designs and develops corresponding courses and trains corresponding lecturer echelons. The training methods include post practice, tutor guidance, classroom training, serving as lecturer, etc.

Learning Center

Here, you don't need to travel by plane to attend a 1 + N-day training course! Here, you get more than just a successful inspirational book and two or three comments from the leaders! However, it simply holds high practical courses closely related to work, and the course content is condensed from many years of experience of experts and models in various fields of the company.

E-learning is an emerging training form that relies on hardware platform, supports by multimedia technology and online community, and transmits professional knowledge and technical experience to company partners through the network. Through e-learning, partners can use the network to learn or receive training anytime and anywhere, and turn it into the core competitiveness of personal ability, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.