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An ambitious enterprise needs to establish and constantly improve its own corporate culture. This corporate culture is actually the benchmark of an enterprise. Its direct purpose is to pay attention to the interests of employees and partners, and the ultimate goal is social dedication.

Violet takes "focusing on healthy home textiles and building a century old brand" as its corporate goal, which is also its dream to strive for and finally realize. Take "freedom", "family", "Hope" and "transcendence" as its mission, and "partnership", "trust", "sharing" and "responsibility" as its corporate values.

This is a people-oriented culture. Because violet knows that the cultivation of talents is the root of the development of an enterprise to maintain sustainable development. Building violet home textile's employees and partners into learning talents and advocating the policy of all staff learning and common progress is not only an important rule for violet home textile to develop and grow in the market competition, but also one of its responsibilities.
Employment concept