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Recruitment position
  • Investment Promotion Specialist


    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for regional franchisee development and management, negotiation and development planning of market development;
    2. Be responsible for negotiating all issues related to joining and maintaining the company's rights and brand image;
    3. Implement the franchise development plan and various Market Research of the franchise development department;

    Job requirements:
    1. More than two years of sales experience, investment promotion and development experience is preferred;
    2. Strong negotiation and market analysis ability, expansion and management ability;
    3. Familiar with market management, planning and operation, excellent business negotiation and public relations skills;
    4. Have good professionalism, can bear certain pressure, work with passion and sense of responsibility;【detailed】

  • Home textile store salesperson


    Job responsibilities:
    1. Accept the work arrangement of the supervisor, complete the product explanation and promote sales;
    2. Master the quantity of goods;
    3. Report the sales situation to the supervisor in time;
    4. Receive customer inquiries, understand customer needs and achieve sales;
    5. Do a good job in the sanitation and cleaning of the responsible area.

    Job requirements:
    1. Less than 40 years old, technical secondary school or above, with retail shopping guide experience for more than 1 year;
    2. Strong communication and coordination ability, affinity, love sales channel work and strong business ability【detailed】

  • Autodesk Homestyler


    Job responsibilities:
    1. Be responsible for the door-to-door design of measuring ruler and re ruler of customer orders;
    2. Be responsible for the scheme design and ordering of wardrobe.
    3. Be responsible for communication and coordination with shopping guides and customers;
    4. Be responsible for the tracking and coordination from customer orders to installation and after-sales.

    Job requirements:
    1. Major in furniture design, college degree or above;
    2. At least one year working experience in home industry is preferred;
    3. Have a solid art foundation, strong color control ability, rich imagination, creativity and execution;
    4. Active and hardworking; Innovative spirit and teamwork spirit;
    5. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit and good communication skills.【detailed】

  • Whole house customized sales guide


    Whole house customized sales guide
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Receive customer inquiries, understand customer needs and achieve sales;
    2. Make good use of the company's existing channels and customer resources, and complete various sales statistics as required;
    3. Responsible for home decoration / product consultation, timely and effectively guide and follow up customers;
    4. Feed back the specific decoration needs of customers to the superior and designer, and assist the designer to realize the design scheme;
    5. Do a good job in the sanitation and cleaning of the area in charge;
    6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

    Job requirements:
    1. Have certain eloquence, communication ability and strain observation ability;
    2. First line sales experience is preferred, sales experience in home building materials industry is preferred, and recognized customization industry is preferred;
    3. 20-40 years old, male or female, high school degree or above, in good health.【detailed】