Make sleep a kind of health preservation

"Xuanmian floating clouds never think about it, and the three peaks only beg to sleep for a thousand years." this is the answer of Chen Tuan, a famous Taoist scholar and health expert in the Northern Song Dynasty, when he was recruited by Zhao Guangyi, Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, on his way of maintaining health. According to the records in the Biography of Chen Tuan in the History of Song Dynasty, Chen Tuan can sleep for more than 100 days, so he has the reputation of "sleeping Fairy". In fact, Chen Tuan did not simply sleep, but regarded sleep as a means of self-cultivation and health preservation. Therefore, he lived a long life of 118 years.

The ancients were very particular about the way to sleep. As early as the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine, there were records on how to sleep more healthily, and its Su Wen chapter was the "guiding document" at that time. Among them, the great theory of four Qi regulating spirit pointed out that the time to go to bed was not invariable, but should change according to time: in spring and summer, you should "lie down at night and get up early", and in autumn "Lie down early and get up early" and "lie down early and get up late" in winter. This "sleeping principle" is of reference value even in modern times with a fast pace of life.

Indeed, one third of one's life is spent in bed and sleep. It can be seen how important sleep is to one's health. The quality of sleep will directly affect our brain thinking, human growth and development and immunity. With a little negligence, sleep will even become "the man behind the curtain" of various diseases. But for busy modern people, high-quality sleep has become an extravagant hope. According to the data released by the World Health Organization, nearly a quarter of the world's people suffer from insomnia, nearly 860 million people suffer from insomnia depression disorder every year, and 75 million in China alone.

Vitality Technology

When establishing Violet, Mr. Chen Yongbing, chairman of Violet home textile, set a beautiful vision of "enabling every family and everyone to enjoy healthy sleep through Violet" and "making sleep a kind of health preservation".

Chen Yongbing found that when people encounter insomnia and unhealthy sleep due to the impact of the bed environment, they usually solve it with the help of external means, such as taking sleeping pills, drying quilts on sunny days to remove mites and so on. He thought that if a quilt and a set of bedding itself can calm the mind, prevent mites, beautify, even prevent cardiovascular diseases and purify the sleep environment, won't it be able to solve people's sleep problems to a great extent?

In fact, there were such studies in ancient China. For example, Li Shizhen recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica that "tartary buckwheat skin, black bean skin, mung bean skin and cassia seed... were used as pillows to keep the old eyesight." this is what we call a medicinal pillow, that is, various medicinal materials are added to the pillow to achieve the effects of calming the mind and brightening the eyesight. However, due to the limitations of scientific and technological development at that time, the research and practices of the ancients were only limited to this.

In the development of Violet for more than 20 years, Chen Yongbing has never stopped his research in this field. He firmly believes that today, with the continuous innovation of science and technology, such problems will be overcome. For so many years, he has been working in the research institutes of Nantong University, Jiangnan University, Suzhou University and other institutions of higher learning. He invited academician Yu mengsun of the Chinese Academy of engineering to establish China's first home textile academician workstation and introduced the latest patented equipment from Germany for R & D. After days and nights of research, receiving more than 30 national patents, Violet's exclusive "vitality science and technology" technology was born.

"Our idea draws lessons from the ancient idea of making medicine pillows, so we implant the ingredients beneficial to human body and sleep into our bedding, so as to make sleep, namely health preservation, a reality," Chen Yongbing said.

There are several core patented technologies in Violet vitality technology, namely negative pressure flash explosion, probiotic dormancy and reproduction, and microcapsule planting technology. Through these technological innovations, probiotics, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, negative oxygen ion generator, lavender essential oil and other elements beneficial to human sleep and body can be planted into micron microcapsules, and then these microcapsules can be put into the fibers of home textile fabrics by using negative pressure flash explosion technology. In this way, people can open these microcapsules through friction during sleep, and use the skin to absorb these beneficial elements to achieve healthy sleep and health preservation. According to the actual research and certification of China Textile Standard Inspection and Certification Center, after the implantation of probiotics, the mite removal rate of violet's vital home textile can reach more than 83.6%, while the national antibacterial and mite prevention rate standard is only 60%.

Moreover, in order to make bed products safer, Violet vitality home textile products are vacuum packed in the food level "10000 purification workshop" when they are produced, so that consumers can use them immediately after taking them home without washing.

"With the birth of vitality technology, more elements conducive to human health can be implanted in the future, such as selenium with anti-cancer, germanium with anti-oxidation and delaying aging, which makes home textile more scientific and functional. It can be said that it has crossed into the field of health and greatly widened the market of home textile products." Chen Yongbing, the helmsman of violet, is full of confidence in the future of the vibrant home textile market.

Indeed, the emergence of Violet vitality technology has made the ancient sleep health concept a reality, and promoted sleep aesthetics to a new level, so that everyone and every family can achieve sleep health through vitality technology.


Enabling every family and everyone to enjoy healthy sleep through Violet

       Negative pressure flash explosion technology -- opening the era of home textile 3.0
The use of high negative pressure environment can break the micro gas film on the product surface, make the material fully penetrate and cling to the treated object, improve the bonding strength and greatly improve the quality of the product.
Function: it significantly improves the penetration effect of functional media in textiles, and increases the distribution uniformity and functional durability of functional media in textiles. Probiotics or negative oxygen ion generators are infiltrated into fabric fibers through negative pressure flash explosion technology. The anti washing times are increased from 10 ~ 20 times to 30 ~ 50 times, and the antibacterial effect will not be lost after repeated washing.

       Microcapsule planting and packaging technology -- slow release and long-acting antibacterial
Wrapping essential oils and active substances in micron microcapsules and planting microcapsules into home textile fabric fibers can protect materials before release on the one hand and ensure the slow release of effective ingredients on the other hand.
Function: protect elements, diverse and not confused; Isolate air and avoid optical irradiation; Release slowly to prolong the function effect.

       Dormant reproduction technology of probiotics -- probiotics with sustained vitality
When probiotics encounter inappropriate conditions, such as washing and drying, they will not die, but enter a short dormancy period. When the environment is appropriate, they will activate and reproduce again.
Function: protect elements, diverse and not confused; Isolate air and avoid optical irradiation; Release slowly to prolong the function effect.
Negative oxygen ion generator - small forest in quilt
Negative oxygen ion is to implant negative oxygen ion generator into bed fiber through negative oxygen ion generator, which can achieve the effect of refreshing air and reducing peculiar smell. Lying in the quilt is like sleeping in a small forest


continuously release a large number of negative oxygen ions, purify the air, reduce peculiar smell, and absorb formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases in furniture.

Lavender essential oil
Extracted from lavender, it can clear away heat and detoxification, clean skin, control oil content, and promote regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues and other skin care functions. It can calm and soothe the skin, relieve emotions and promote deep sleep.

Ordinary people spend an average of 7-8 hours on sleep every night, and each time they excrete about 200ml of sweat, which provides a hotbed for the reproduction of various bacteria on the bedding, thus endangering human health.
Probiotics are active flora and mainly rob mites of food. It can effectively prevent harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mite allergens; Reduce allergic reactions caused by allergens; Reduce odor; It has a killing rate of more than 95% of mites and bacteria, and has no side effects on human body.
       Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid has 500 times more water absorption capacity than glycerol. One molecule of hyaluronic acid can absorb 500 water molecules. It has strong moisturizing and water absorption capacity and can maintain skin elasticity. It is an effective moisturizing substance in nature. It is now widely used in all kinds of cosmetics and medical beauty. About 25 years old is a turning point. The loss of hyaluronic acid accelerates. Only 65% of children are left at the age of 30 and 25% at the age of 60. With the loss of hyaluronic acid, a series of aging phenomena appear in the skin!

       Ocean dew

It is a marine chitin extract and a pure natural deep-sea repair factor. It is known as the six elements of life together with protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Ocean dew is also called chitosan: it has the effect of bacteriostasis, sterilization and mite prevention of probiotics and the moisturizing and hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid. It can be seen in many cosmetics brands.

       Coenzyme Q10
According to the survey of the World Health Organization, about 17 million people die of cardiovascular diseases every year, half of them die of acute myocardial infarction. Coenzyme Q10 activates the nutrition of human cells and cell energy, and has the functions of improving immunity, protecting heart, enhancing antioxidation, delaying aging and enhancing human vitality.