[good start] set out to meet the new challenges of the year of the tiger
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The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated. After a snow storm, we embarked on a new journey in the year of the tiger full of challenges. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, all the employees of violet home textile gathered in the conference room of the production center to hold a kick-off meeting and look forward to the future together.

With the joint efforts of the partners, the company's indicators were successfully achieved in 2021. Chen Yongxing, vice chairman of the company, thanked everyone and sent new year blessings. At the same time, he wished the partners "life and vitality" in the year of the tiger.

A successful enterprise is inseparable from struggling individuals. In the past lunar year of the ox, a group of people bowed their heads, worked hard, worked hard and played an exemplary role in their respective posts. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Ms. Yuan Yan, vice president of violet, read out the commendation decision of excellent individuals and excellent departments on behalf of the company.

The development and growth of the company is not only related to the profits of the company, but also related to the well-being of all employees. Sailing in the sea depends on the helmsman. The development of the company first depends on the strategic planning of the top leader. How should we do and operate in the year of the tiger? Chairman Chen Yongbing pointed out the direction for us.

"If others do 12 points, we must do 14 points!" President Chen's inspiring speech not only expressed the recognition of all violet people's work in one year, but also full of gratitude, but also put forward higher requirements for everyone's work.

Production is one of the most important links in the company's operation. Whether there are good and high-quality products is directly related to the success or failure of the brand and the sustainable development of the company. Liu Jinkang, vice president of the company and director of the production center, said that in the new year, the company will continue to give full play to the fine tradition of daring to work hard and not afraid of hardship, pay close attention to quality, implement responsibility to every link, and have clear rewards and punishments.

The company will also introduce lean production system, put standardized system management on the agenda, summarize processes, responsibilities, systems and valuable experience and practices, and become violet's valuable intangible assets and competitive soft power. From today on, we officially embark on a new journey to meet the new challenges of the year of the tiger. I wish our partners a vigorous body, a vigorous spirit, a prosperous fortune, a prosperous career and happiness.