The chairman of violet home textile won the national commendation again!
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Novel coronavirus pneumonia and China's textile industry and the advanced industry of Nantong were held in August 14th. The fourth five annual meeting of the Chinese textile industry association and the Forum on industrial foundation reconstruction were held in the conference.

Chen Yongbing, chairman of violet home textile, received the honor as the only award-winning advanced individual in Nantong.

     Novel coronavirus pneumonia our wills unite like a fortress. This is the key to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The violet home textiles has responded quickly. Under the leadership of chairman Chen Yongbing, we have completed the transformation of the purification workshop on the basis of the original vitality home textile ten thousand purification workshop, and contacted the purchase of production equipment, the adjustment of production capacity, and the conversion of protective materials.

      Violet people gave full play to the spirit of daring to fight and gnawing hard bones. The chairman personally took the lead. All employees from the management level to the grass-roots level went out to learn from scratch, study seriously, work overtime and forget to eat and sleep. Since the equipment was ordered on February 6, the first mask production line of violet home textile was established in just 20 days.

      As of May, violet has built a 100000 level purification workshop of 5000 square meters, 20 mask production lines, 10 protective clothing production lines, with a daily production scale of 2 million flat masks, 500000 kn95 masks and 20000 protective clothing. It is sold to more than 20 provinces (cities) in China and exported to 26 countries around the world, with a maximum of 480 production workers. Two 10000 level purification laboratories for full performance testing have been built, and the products are sold to more than 20 provinces (cities) in China and exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. It has also become the only enterprise in Nantong that has temporarily changed its production of protective clothing and obtained the medical device registration certificate.

 Facing a strange industry, violet people always keep a learning heart. We have successively established cooperative relations with many consulting, testing and certification institutions such as China Huaguang certification, SGS and TUV. We learn from them, ask them for guidance, use their expertise to help enterprises get started quickly, and understand different standards and requirements in different countries and regions. In just a few months, the company has obtained a number of certifications or qualifications, and has become an enterprise on the "white list" for the export of epidemic prevention materials of the Ministry of Commerce, a key guarantee enterprise for epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu Province, an EU CE certification, an FDA certification, a Russian EAC exemption letter, an Australian TGA registration certificate, a registration certificate of the Netherlands food and drug administration, etc.

The initial heart determines what kind of road to take, and persistence determines how far to go. For violet home textile, the production change mask is facing new challenges and new difficulties, but we always have awe and respect, take the road of long-term development, and take the road of two wheel drive of home textile + industrial textile.