Violet home textile won the certification of "Jiangsu boutique"
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At the second Jiangsu quality conference held on December 17, 2021, violet home textile became the second batch of "Jiangsu boutique" certified enterprises with excellent brand quality, marking that a number of leading enterprises in the province, including violet home textile, have obtained the dual recognition of the official and end consumer market.

In recent years, Jiangsu has continuously consolidated the foundation of quality development and promoted the improvement of quality brand, and remarkable results have been achieved in all work. Violet home textile, as the first enterprise in the home textile industry to win the "Jiangsu Quality Award", has always regarded quality as life since its establishment, promoted the construction of industrial quality brand, accelerated the reform of home textile consumption supply side, attached importance to large-scale quality management, comprehensively implemented the brand cultivation management system, deeply introduced the excellent performance model, established and improved the brand management system, and used the high requirements of the brand, Formulate high standard quality objectives and measure every link of enterprise operation with brand standards, so as to ensure the high-quality business process.

"Quality first" is the insistence hidden in the heart of every violet person, and it is also the cornerstone of the continuous growth of the brand. Under the leadership of chairman Chen Yongbing, all departments have made great efforts to build high-end textiles, comprehensively improve the enterprise management level and achieved remarkable results by implementing excellent performance management and focusing on the high-end manufacturing environment, manufacturing process and service process, becoming a model of industrial innovation and a leading brand of high-quality development.


In response to the call of the State Administration of market supervision on "strengthening the support of science and technology R & D plan for quality improvement", violet has continuously increased investment in scientific research and innovation, closely focused on the concept of "healthy sleep", created a sub brand of "vitality", developed a series of new products of "vitality", realized brand and product upgrading, and better explored and met consumer demand, It promotes sales promotion and market development, enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise brand, and promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise.


This year, violet home textile launched a series of "quality month" activities to continuously strengthen the quality awareness of grass-roots employees by setting an example and encouraging the advanced; We have reorganized and improved various quality management systems, further standardized the production process, resolutely implemented the "iron fist means" to grasp quality, strengthened sampling inspection, resolutely implemented the "quality veto system" and other measures, and controlled every link from the source.